1 Million Jews Doing What?

Israel flag

(Patriot.Buzz) – Expressing concern about the dramatic rise in antisemitism across Western countries, the Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, Major General Doron Almog, recently predicted a significant influx of Jewish immigrants to Israel.

In an interview with the Israeli news outlet N12, Almog stated, “Over the next few years, we anticipate a million new immigrants due to the increasing antisemitism in Jewish communities around the world. The Jewish community, still reeling from the trauma, will forge ahead in building the State of Israel with unparalleled vigor and creativity. We aspire to become a beacon of hope and inspiration for the nations of the world.”

This forecast comes in the wake of a surge in antisemitism following the October 7 deadly invasion of Israel by Hamas, which resulted in nearly a thousand civilian casualties.

A joint survey by the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish Agency, and the Diaspora Affairs and Combating Antisemitism Ministry revealed a staggering 500% increase in antisemitic incidents compared to the previous year, alongside a 400% rise in online antisemitic comments on social media platforms.

The aftermath of these attacks has seen a significant uptick in immigration inquiries from Jewish communities, notably an 81% increase from North America and an almost 150% rise from France.

Israel’s aliyah and integration minister, Ofir Sofer, described the situation as a “global emergency,” emphasizing the need to strengthen ties and support communities that stand with Israel.

“Precisely now, we are seeing a surge in the number of people interested in aliyah,” Sofer remarked, using the Hebrew term for immigration to Israel, which means to ascend. “The waves of unity and Jewish solidarity are bolstering the aliyah movement and strengthening the State of Israel.”

Should this trend continue, it would surpass the record of 70,000 new arrivals in Israel in 2022, many of whom were fleeing the Russia–Ukraine War. This potential mass migration is seen as a crucial juncture in the history of the Jewish diaspora and the state of Israel.