3 Die During Race; 5 During Training

(Patriot.Buzz) – In a tragic turn of events at what should have been a time of enjoyment and fun, the iconic Iditarod dog sled race in Alaska, a test of endurance over a thousand-mile trek through unforgiving landscapes, has been struck by the deaths of three dogs and an encounter with a moose.

Achieving his sixth victory in this formidable competition, Dallas Seavey navigated his team across treacherous terrains, including mountain ranges and a frozen river, in a time of nine days, two hours, 16 minutes and eight seconds, securing a $55,000 prize.

However, this year’s race ignited controversy and drew severe criticism from animal rights activists.

PETA, a leftwing organization advocating for the ethical treatment of animals, has heatedly called for the event to be abolished by highlighting that three dogs died during the race and an additional five dogs passed away during preparations.

These incidents prompted the organization’s executive vice president Tracy Reiman to label the Iditarod as “the shame of Alaska” and question the value placed on dogs’ lives in light of such events.

In turn’ the race’s organizers have so far refrained from commenting on PETA’s remarks.

Adding to the race’s challenges, Seavey and his team faced a menacing moose attack that resulted in significant injuries to one of the dogs.

Under race regulations any large game animal posing a threat to life or property must be neutralized and processed right on the spot.

Adhering to these rules Seavey eliminated the threat posed by the moose using a handgun and proceeded to gut the animal.

But since he completed this task in a mere ten minutes, a two-hour penalty was imposed on him, which added another layer of complexity to the already demanding race.

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