A BIG Question Mark On Biden Leadership

The White House, CC BY 3.0 US , via Wikimedia Commons

Can Biden ever recover from this?

Recently on CNN, Network Political Commentator Van Jones claimed that while President Biden did some good things as president, he has recently made several mistakes and people weren’t seeing the “strong Joe Biden leadership” that they expected from him. Jones further noted that Democrats were stuck “looking over the edge of a cliff”.

According to Breitbart, Jones claimed that the honeymoon was over. He further explained that the American people were happy to have Trump out of office and Biden in charge. But things quickly turned ugly when Biden failed to achieve his bold claims. “He steps on a rake and then he slips on a banana peel and then he falls down the stairs with some marbles and now people are looking at him in a negative light,” Jones said.

Jones then said that Biden can still recover from this if, by this time next year, Biden bring down gas prices, eliminates new covid cases, and reduces unemployment numbers.

“You’re not seeing that strong Joe Biden leadership that I think people were expecting, to get stuff done, to get the next round of stuff done,” Jones said.

Currently the United States is facing a recession that can only be prevented by the Democrats. Biden’s Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned that the United States must raise the debt ceiling by December if they want to avoid a recession, something they can do without Republican support.