Americans Losing Faith In U.S. Government

Photo by Elijah Mears on Unsplash

A poll released on Wednesday (December 14) shows fewer than one in five Americans believe the GOP’s control of the House of Representatives will provide positive change in Washington.

The poll conducted by Monmouth University shows a mere 18 percent of participants believe Republicans will change Washington for the better when they take over the House in the next Congress.

A greater percentage — 21 percent — believe Washington will change for the worse as a result of Republicans’ control of the House.

However, the majority, 51 percent, indicated they didn’t believe party control of the House would make much of a difference in Washington.

In a press release issued alongside the polling figures, the director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, Patrick Murray, elucidated on the figures, pointing out where pundits were wrong in their assertions Americans want divided control of Congress.

Instead, Murray claimed that frequent changes in Congressional leadership were more a symptom of “chronic dissatisfaction with Washington.”

Expectations have worsened since polling in 2018 when Democrats regained control of the House while Republicans held control in the Senate. At that time, more voters — 28 percent — were upbeat that Democrats’ control of the House would change Washington. Only 16 percent thought Washington would change for the worse.

Following Rep. Lauren Boebert’s confirmed win in Colorado’s third district, Republicans clinched a four-seat majority in the House, claiming 222 seats to Democrats 213 seats.

After a mandatory recount, Boebert won by 546 votes over Democratic challenger Adam Frisch.