Another Republican Announces 2024 Run?

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

On Friday (January 24), former Vice President Mike Pence told NBC News’ Ali Vitali that he anticipates his family will have “a very clear sense of [their] calling” by Spring — a nod to when he is likely to announce his 2024 bid.

Pence used the occasion to take jabs at former President Donald Trump, asserting the “times call for different leadership” before adding that he believes there would be “better choices” in 2024 than his “old running mate.”

During the interview, Pence also confirmed his intentions not to comply with the subpoena from Special Counsel Jack Smith, who the Department of Justice has appointed to Oversee the January 6 insurrection investigation.

The former Indiana governor doubled down on the stance, asserting he wouldn’t do it even if he was compelled to testify by a federal judge.

He explained to Vitali his belief that it would be “unconstitutional” for him to testify against the former President, considering he served in the Trump administration.

Pence’s comments come as a former federal judge and ex-Pence advisor, J. Michael Luttig, expressed doubts that the former Vice President’s explanation for refusing to comply with the subpoena had merit.

Luttig argued Pence’s constitutional right not to testify against Trump would yield to a criminal investigation.

However, Pence and his team argue that since he was serving as the President of the Senate when the insurrection occurred, he was essentially part of the legislative branch, shielding him from testifying under the Constitution’s “speech and debate” clause.

If Pence joins the race, he would be the third high-profile candidate to do it, as only Trump and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley are the only ones to enter the race.