Arnold Schwarzenegger Trashes Trump

Governo do Estado de São Paulo, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed he isn’t worrying about former President Donald Trump’s re-election, saying, “I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

The “Terminator” star and former Republican Governor of California made these remarks on CNN’s “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” which aired on Friday (June 16).

A Trump critic, Schwarzenegger expressed his belief that Trump wouldn’t be re-elected with “30 or 33 percent of the people voting for you in your polls,” told Wallace about the 2024 GOP nomination.

The former California Governor noted that although Trump has “great poll numbers amongst conservatives,” when those figures were tallied, “it’s not enough.”

In a CBS News/YouGov poll published earlier this week, 61 percent of likely GOP voters said they would vote for Trump in the 2024 Republican primary.

In a separate Quinnipiac University poll on Wednesday (June 14), President Joe Biden beat Trump by four points in a hypothetical rematch.

“You need swing voters,” Schwarzenegger added, “You need independents, you need everybody to jump in there… to win,” suggesting Trump didn’t have those votes.

Schwarzenegger insisted that Trump would need to “drag a lot of people over across that line,” suggesting that for Trump, “the question is, can he do that?” which the actor said he doesn’t believe is possible.

Schwarzenegger and Trump had a war of words in 2017 when the former action star replaced Trump as host of the reality competition show “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Trump and Schwarzenegger have been feuding ever since, with Trump repeatedly mocking the actor’s ratings as the new face of the NBC series.

Wallace noted that Schwarzenegger had been “wrong” about Trump before, highlighting that Schwarzenegger had forecasted Trump was “going to be irrelevant,” but that, instead, Trump was a “leading candidate for the Republican nomination.”

Wallace was referencing remarks Schwarzenegger made days after the deadly 2021 riot at the Capitol by supporters of Trump.