BAD News Hits Biden’s Desk

Photo by Adam Nir on Unsplash

America is not getting any better.

As President Biden and the Democrats continue to push claims that the economy is getting better the numbers keep coming out and they are painting a very scary picture for the Democrats.

It now appears that the United States only added 210,000 new jobs in November which isn’t even half of the jobs that top economists expected to be which was around half a million or more!

According to the Washington Examiner, the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed a rapid decline in U.S. jobs being added in November which came as a surprise to President Biden and the other Democrats who had a seemingly “good” past two months.

Thankfully however, there is some good news to this. The unemployment rate did drop by 0.4 percent which brings the overall unemployment rate in America to somewhere in the low four percent category.

Bankrate senior economic analyst, Mark Hamrick, stated, “While the November employment report is a mixed bag, attention may gravitate toward the drop in the unemployment rate to 4.2%, mindful that the low point before the pandemic was 3.5%. Also vying for our attention is word that payroll gains clearly disappointed, coming in significantly below expectations.”

Some key areas of the economy were harder hit than others. Employment in leisure and entertainment and retail were the most affected by poor unemployment compared to other areas such as transportation, construction, and manufacturing.

Currently, the United States still has a loss of 3.9 million jobs compared to what the numbers were before the pandemic started. If the omicron variant continues to spread and becomes a worse problem any progress made in the economy could easily be wiped away.