Biden Administration Gets Major Reality Check

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

Biden needs to stop targeting the American people.

During a recent interview with Fox Business, Arizona Attorney General and U.S. Senate candidate Mark Brnovich (R) slammed President Biden and his administration for using the Department of Justice to intimidate parents who are upset with their children’s schools. When in reality, President Biden should be using the DOJ on more important things like working on human smuggling cases.

According to Breitbart, Brnovich claimed that Facebook admitted in a letter their platform was being used to facilitating human smuggling into the United States. Brnovich then slammed Biden and said it was the federal governments job along with the job of the U.S. attorney’s office to investigate and prosecute these cases.

Brnovich then said that that the DOJ and the Biden Administration should be focusing on important things like that instead of trying to intimidate parents at public schools who are just using their first amendment rights.

Brnovich then asked, “where the heck is the Biden administration and Merrick Garland when it comes to actually enforcing laws where they have the primary jurisdiction? And that includes on human smuggling.”

What’s even worse is that President Biden refuses to finish the border wall and millions of dollars worth of tax payer funded materials are going to waste and are just sitting on the border completely unused: