Biden Attempts To Frame Republicans

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

On Thursday President Biden criticized “MAGA Republicans” for wanting to defund both the police and the FBI. This is a complete flip as the GOP has continuously attacked the Democrats as being the anti-police party.

Biden during an event at the Finishing Trades Institute in Philadelphia stated that the “MAGA Republicans” had not begun calling for the police department and the FBI to be defunded. He proceeded by saying, “That’s a good one. I like that.”

Biden has previously claimed that he did not want to reduce the funding available to police departments and in his budget proposal even included the hiring of another 100,000 additional police officers. The budget also included funds for crime prevention strategies and community violence intervention.

As he said during his remarks his budget is focused on investing in “public safety,” including more training and support for law enforcement officers. He added that currently law enforcement officers are forced to play multiple roles and they are expected to act as “social workers, psychologists, and mental health counselors.” He continued by noting that “more cops are killed, responding to domestic violence calls, than anything else.”

In the summer of 2020 a general call to “defund the police” had become popular with progressive Democrats during the protests in the way of George Floyd’s death. Many people at the time were calling for police reforms.

However, Democrats are now attempting to flip the script by stating that it is the Republicans who are anti-police.