Biden Dealt Heavy Blow

Image credit: Becker News

He wasn’t ready for this.

Sen. Tom Cotton criticized President Joe Biden for his response to the Afghanistan crisis stating that he had no intention of holding the Taliban to the Doha agreement. He added that Biden’s main goal was to withdrawal no matter the cost. His remarks come after General Mark Miley testified on what happened in Afghanistan.

Cotton said, “Gen. Milley also testified in the Senate that, aside — putting aside the question of violence against American troops, the Taliban never fully honored a single other term or condition of that agreement.”

He added, “Joe Biden made it clear, at the very beginning, that he was going to withdraw from Afghanistan no matter what, in total disregard for the lack of consequences and the advice of his senior commanders. And this is the one case in which President Biden said, well, Donald Trump had a policy and agreement, I can’t do anything about it.”