Biden Destroyed By Brutal Truth

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

This had to hurt.

A Fox News report revealed Governors across the U.S. gave President Biden anything from a “solid D” to a “generous” D when they were requested to grade his performance in the White House.

For the dismal grades, many Governors cited inflation, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, and poor communication as reasons behind their grades.

One such Governor was Republican Doug Ducey of Arizona, who told Fox News Digital that he thinks the administration is “failing” adding that it was a “real shame.”

Other Governors, including Republican Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire, said he was “trying to be generous” when giving “the Biden administration a solid D.”

Governor Asa Hutchinson (R-Ark.) refused to give Biden a letter grade, choosing instead to rate him “in terms of effectiveness,” saying the administration has “been poor on effectiveness.”
He also mentioned some of Biden’s most notable failings, like border security, the Afghanistan withdrawal, and the challenges with inflation, stating that in “all of those areas the grade is poor.”

These grades point to a broader challenge Biden has been facing as his approval hovers slightly above 40% because of voter concerns on several issues, including rising inflation and catastrophic foreign policy.

Governor Sununu also docked points from Biden’s administration because “their communication is just terrible,” adding that “from a leadership, perspective communication is everything” as it builds confidence and transparency.

Gianforte also seemed to have an issue with Biden’s communication, as he said he had “not seen the engagement” governors had hoped for, recounting that in September twenty-six governors sent the President a letter requesting a meeting and were still waiting for a response.

Republican Governor of Idaho, Brad Little, compared Biden’s administration to the previous one, saying that during the previous administration he and other governors had a weekly call that often included the Vice President, President, and Secretary of Health and Human Services,” but emphasized that “now the call is with somebody much lower down.”

Little added he wasn’t the only one who had the view of Biden, saying, “even my Democratic colleagues say they got better service from the Trump White House than they are from the Biden White House.”