Biden Erupts On GOP Over AG Garland

Senate Democrats, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

he White House criticized the Republican-dominated House Judiciary Committee for conducting a lengthy hearing filled with “misleading statements and false information,” where Attorney General Merrick Garland testified. The administration viewed this as a diversionary tactic.

On Wednesday, Garland appeared before the House Judiciary Committee to discuss the claims regarding the Justice Department’s perceived political bias during his tenure.

While he received inquiries from representatives of both parties, Garland stood firm on his actions in the Justice Department, emphasizing his impartiality, especially concerning the ongoing federal probe into Hunter Biden.

However, the White House expressed strong disapproval of Republicans, who are currently spearheading an impeachment probe against President Biden. They further attributed the potential for an impending government shutdown to the actions of House GOP members.

“Hardline House Republicans seem to be orchestrating a thinly-veiled diversion, attempting to overshadow their own decisions which might push the U.S. towards a detrimental government halt,” commented Ian Sams, White House oversight and investigations spokesperson, on Wednesday. He mentioned the GOP’s struggles in passing essential bills like the military funding, highlighting demands for significant cuts, such as eliminating numerous preschool positions across the country and several law enforcement roles, including border patrol agents. “They seem keen on unjustifiably targeting President Biden and his relatives with these hearings,” he added.

Sams further stated, “It’s evident that their own internal turmoil and governance challenges might lead to the government coming to a standstill soon, negatively impacting our nation’s economy and security, ranging from affecting troop salaries to combating drug issues.”

Emphasizing his point, he remarked, “Such theatrics won’t prevent the House Republicans from being held accountable for potentially causing significant national setbacks.”

The backdrop to this is the looming threat of a government shutdown. Currently, Congress is in the midst of discussions for a continuing resolution to extend the year’s funding. Failure to reach an agreement by Sept. 30 might result in a partial government shutdown.

The House Republicans are also gearing up for their inaugural impeachment hearing on Sept. 28, exploring claims of misconduct and power misuse against President Biden.