Biden Gets The BAD News

Image credit: Business Insider

This one has to hurt.

Sen. James Lankford slammed President Joe Biden for his Afghanistan withdrawal stating that he is solely to blame for the “chaos” caused in the country. He added that the president ultimately made the wrong decision which caused a “calamity.”

“The challenge that you have is we watched what happened — 2,500 people were pulled out after Milley and others had said 2,500 should stay. They watched the walkaway from the embassy, which meant all the special immigrant visa holders had no place to go to actually get their paperwork processed. We watched them walk away from Bagram Air Force Base, which led to the chaos around the commercial airport there in Kabul. So, we see the results of them not leaving the 2,500. So, the argument becomes who made the call? The issue is the call was made by someone. That clearly is always on the president’s desk to be able to make that call. And we saw the direct result of that, and the chaos and the Americans that were left behind and special immigrant visas that were left behind, the … green cardholders were left behind by the hundreds and by the thousands that we know.”

“The President of the United States makes the decision on this. We can argue about what it was on that. The president is responsible for the calamity that happened there because he is the one that actually makes the decisions on these things,” he added.