Biden Loses AGAIN!

(Patriot.Buzz) – Joe Biden has been handed a huge loss, as a third federal judge recently opposed his administration’s new interpretation of Title IX, which would extend protections to gender identity.

Judge John Broomes of the U.S. District Court of Kansas issued a preliminary injunction that affects Kansas, Alaska, Utah and Wyoming.

Judge Broomes, appointed by former President Donald Trump, aligns with the decisions of two other federal judges who have similarly paused the enforcement of this revised Title IX policy.

Termed the “Final Rule,” Title IX was halted in several other states including Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Idaho, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia and West Virginia.

The reinterpretation of Title IX is set to be implemented on August 1. It would mandate the use of chosen pronouns and allow men who identify as female to use women’s locker rooms and bathrooms, among other things.

The opposition to this policy revision grew after a May lawsuit filed by groups such as Moms for Liberty and Young America’s Foundation.

The coverage of this injunction spans “every school across the country attended by plaintiff Katie Rowland, the members of Female Athletes United, the members of Young America’s Foundation, and the minor children of the members of Moms for Liberty.” However, it stops short of a nationwide injunction.

In his detailed 47-page ruling, Judge Broomes said he believed that the plaintiffs would likely succeed in their lawsuit.

He argued that the Final Rule is legally flawed, exceeds statutory authority, constitutes an unconstitutional exercise of legislative power, infringes on the First Amendment and is both arbitrary and capricious.

Broomes criticized the rule for not adequately defining its enforcement terms and raised concerns about its impact on women, noting it could compel them to accept and not criticize the transgender movement or face consequences.

It could also require women to share private spaces with biological males.

However, the decision has been criticized as detrimental to transgender rights. Bloomberg noted, “The ruling is another blow to the Biden Administration’s efforts to protect LGBTQ rights.”

Judge Broomes’ recent ruling adds to similar decisions made in June by Judge Terry Doughty of Louisiana and Judge Danny Reeves of Kentucky against the Biden administration’s attempt to redefine Title IX protections.

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