Biden Makes Activist ‘Feel Like Vomiting’ (Video)

(Patriot.Buzz) – Blexit activist Madeline Brame revealed during a recent appearance on Fox News that she felt “like vomiting” after hearing Joe Biden’s approach to addressing race.

She criticized Biden’s frequent “black this, black that” speech at Morehouse College, which she discussed on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

Watch the video below.

Brame reacted to a clip of Biden’s speech, where he highlighted the achievements of black voters, by saying, “Just sitting here listening to that, I feel like vomiting,” Brame stated.

“For the simple fact that – it’s so insulting and so racist. For every other word to come out of his mouth, black this, black that, black this, black that,” she said. “Like the only reason why we made these so-called accomplishments is because of the color of our skin.

“Has nothing to do with our intellect, has nothing to do with the merits of nothing, it’s only because we’re black that these things are happening. He is so insulting,” she added.

Show host Jesse Watters interpreted Biden’s remarks as suggesting that “the color of your skin” was a primary reason for appointments in his administration.

Brame discussed the potential reaction from various communities by emphasizing that while some might still support Biden, his approach might not resonate broadly.

“Exactly, but it’s not going to fly. It may fly with a certain segment of, you know, the African-American or poor minority community. We need to put that in perspective,” she stated.

“Poor minority means black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Italian, all of us, that’s the way I like to frame it. I don’t like to just pinpoint black people, because it’s insulting,” Brame expressed.

She also compared economic conditions under former President Donald Trump to those under Biden, noting the financial strain many are experiencing now.

“Many of us work, work hard every day and when Trump was in office, our paycheck would last us at least paycheck to paycheck,” she said. “We still had a couple of dollars left over to save, maybe go on a vacation. We certainly didn’t have to worry about not having food in our refrigerator.”

Watters chimed in, suggesting Biden thinks Americans have plenty of money, to which Brame sharply responded, “That’s a lie.”

“And you’re spending it. There’s plenty of money to spend,” Watters added.

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