Biden Screws Over Border Patrol

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

This is going to make things worse!

In September, the Biden administration announced a vaccine mandate that required all federal workers to be fully vaccinated by November 22nd or face termination. The mandate required agents to submit their vaccination status on an internal database, where employees could request an exception on specific grounds.

By November 17th, 79% of Border Patrol’s 21,393 (16,900) employees had been fully vaccinated, according to reports published by Fox News.

Those agents, who have missed the deadline, have been sent “counseling letters.” These letters essentially put them on notice, according to intel from a senior official at Customs and Border Protection.
However, to prevent the termination of these employees, a group of 62 Republicans, who oppose the mandate, have demanded that Biden keep agents in their jobs, regardless of their vaccination status.

Nevertheless, following Biden’s move to go ahead with termination, Roy Cantu, a border patrol agent –– and NRA life member –– said he wished to meet with President Joe Biden. The purpose of the meeting would be to explain to Biden how enforcing a vaccine mandate by terminating the employment of unvaccinated agents would weaken national security.

In a video, released by the NRA, Cantu –– a 13-year Border Patrol Agent –– said that the federal government either wanted him to undergo a forced vaccination or risk the livelihood responsible for taking care of his family. He added that this was supposedly his choice.
He went on to say that the border crisis was “worse than you can imagine,” stating that if hundreds of Border Patrol agents were to lose their jobs, the move would affect every American, not just border states.

In the video, Cantu also expressed his belief that the mandate was nothing more than a “political stunt,” saying that if the border was not secure, every state would become a border state.

Then, Cantu addressed President Joe Biden directly, mentioning that the President had never even been to the border before. He then requested the President meet so he could show the President the terrible border situation and explain how terminating agents would result in a national security disaster.