Biden Sets Up Dems For Failure

The White House, CC BY 3.0 US , via Wikimedia Commons

With a little more than two months to go to the midterms, President Joe Biden has only endorsed four Democrat candidates: three running for seats in the House and one running for Governor.

Biden’s endorsement is a far cry from former President Donald Trump’s 2018 midterm endorsements.

Despite not making many endorsements, Biden has made his midterm message clear: voters should reject “MAGA” Republicans. The President has warned voters that they need to give MAGA Republicans the boot to hold onto equality and democracy.

On Thursday (September 1), during his speech in Philadelphia, Biden advised voters that they should be wary of letting the GOP win the midterm elections as “MAGA forces are determined to take this country backwards.”

Yet, for all his emphasis on MAGA Republicans, Biden didn’t mention any of his recent legislative victories or reveal what policies the Democrats would pursue if they would retain their Congressional majorities.

The President has also voiced his support for dozens of Democrats, but official endorsements — which are limited to four Democrats — could show a hesitancy among those in his party to being tied to Biden’s less than stellar approval rating.

Alternatively, Biden could be reverting to a pre-Trump era, when Presidents were reluctant to endorse midterm candidates. Trump’s penchant to endorse Republican primary nominees was particularly unheard of before his Presidency and showed a desire to actively control the direction of the Republican party.

Democrat strategists say this isn’t the same for Biden, who is taking a passive approach to midterm endorsements.