Biden Tries To Scare Voters

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Americans aren’t happy with Biden, this won’t work.

Addressing members of the Democratic National Committee on Thursday evening, President Joe Biden issued a stern warning to his party about the possibility of Republicans taking control of Congress in the upcoming midterm elections.

During his speech, Biden encouraged Democrats to keep the same determination, worth ethic, and enthusiasm they displayed in 2020 to keep control of the House and Senate and add seats in the midterms.

With enthusiasm, Biden stated that if Democrats don’t maintain their majority, “it’s going to be a sad, sad two years,” adding that Democrats should “Think about Republicans if they controlled the Congress these last two years.

During the party’s winter meeting in Washington D.C., Biden praised Democrats’ record, saying, “I believe we have a record to be incredibly proud of… a message that resonates: Build a better America.” He then encouraged them to “do the work” and use the record when campaigning for the midterms.

“Now what we have to do is we have to sell it with confidence, clarity, conviction, and repetition.”

Referencing one of the successes Democrats could run on, Biden pointed to the administration’s accomplishments with Ukraine. He touted NATO’s unity with the U.S. against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine before mentioning that Russian President Vladimir Putin had “failed to divide Democrats and Republicans.”

During his speech, Biden acknowledged the record-high gas price but reiterated rhetoric the White House has been using when discussing surging prices by calling “Putin’s price hike.”

Then pivoting back to Democrats’ accomplishments, Biden went on to mention the American Rescue plan, signed into law a year ago, the high vaccination rate among Americans, and the 6.5 million jobs created in 2021.

He continued listing accomplishments Democrats could run on when touting the bipartisan infrastructure deal, that was signed into law in December. Referencing the infrastructure deal, he highlighted how some Republicans voted for the law, but others who didn’t were “taking credit.”

Addressing the rising prices, Biden also said that his administration was working to lower prices for Americans, including the cost of prescription drugs.

Pointing to how his administration was improving the standard of living, Biden said, “At a time when food and gas prices are rising, if you can lower other major costs for families… you can help their standard of living.”