Biden Wants To Do WHAT For Illegals?

Photo by Jannik Kiel on Unsplash

How will American taxpayers afford this?

President Biden sparked immense controversy after he went back on his word and insisted that illegals needed to receive monetary compensation for being separated at the border under former President Donald Trump’s leadership.

Biden is now under scrutiny because just last week, when he was asked if he still plans on giving illegal aliens $450,000 per person for the pain and suffering they experienced at the border, Biden said it wasn’t going to happen. However, now it appears that President Biden lied to the American people.

Not only has President Biden left the border completely open for illegals to enter the United States, now he wants to pay the ones who former President Trump tried to prevent from entering and keeping America safe.

Sadly, many Americans fear that will now incentivize more illegals to come to the United States.