Biden Wants To Employ WHO?

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

This is a shocker.

President Biden and his administration now appears to be looking for a job for failed Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe after he lost to Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin in the state of Virginia.

It appears that McAuliffe has earned the reputation of being progressive enough by Biden and others such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to earn a high ranking position within the Democratic Party. Sadly, America has already spoken and they didn’t want him to lead Virginia.

According to Punchbowl News, multiple high-level sources have confirmed that President Biden and the rest of his administration wants McAuliffe somewhere in the administration. However, it appears the McAuliffe didn’t initially seek a position and all cabinet positions are currently full.

McAuliffe is known for having many close allies in Biden’s Administration.

McAuliffe’s loss to Republican Gov. Youngkin in Virginia was a major sign for the rest of the country in the direction America is heading. As we get closer to the highly anticipated 2022 midterm elections there will be multiple seats up for grabs and this could mean a major victory for the GOP.

A few years ago, Democrat Stacey Abrams lost the gubernatorial race to Republican Brian Kemp in Georgia and has since made a dramatic impact in the state of Georgia and was even a key player in turning the state blue in 2020 presidential election.