Biden’s Nightmare – NEW Numbers Revealed!

(Patriot.Buzz) – In a dramatic turn of events, Joe Biden is living a nightmare since recently released numbers paint a grim picture for him ahead of the elections this fall.

Specifically, Biden’s re-election campaign could face a significant drop in fundraising this July, with a possible 50% decrease.

According to an NBC News report, this comes at a time when donors are expressing concerns about his ability to compete against former President Donald Trump in November.

Insiders linked to the Biden campaign have described the fundraising situation as “already disastrous,” with one commenting that “the money has absolutely shut off.”

A specific instance highlighted a lackluster call between Biden and top donors, which was perceived as “so contrived” that it failed to reassure backers.

Amid growing doubts, some of Biden’s key fundraisers are reportedly hesitant to reach out to their wealthy contacts due to fears that Biden might not remain the Democratic nominee.

“You can’t reach out to someone, because someone could say, ‘Geez, I didn’t know, he has dementia,'” a prominent Biden fundraiser told NBC News.

The fundraising challenges are further underscored by a public call from actor and prominent fundraiser George Clooney, who urged Biden to withdraw from the race in a New York Times op-ed.

Other major donors in the entertainment industry echo this sentiment, such as Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings, who has donated over $20 million to the Democratic Party and also believes Biden should step aside.

Additionally, Abigail Disney and Karla Jurvetson, both significant Democratic donors, have voiced similar concerns.

On a private call, Jurvetson suggested that contributions be paused until a new nominee is selected.

Despite these reports, a Biden campaign spokeswoman countered the claims of dwindling donations as “not accurate,” citing a surge in contributions following the debate. Nevertheless, insiders maintain that the spike in fundraising was short-lived.

Concerns are also being raised that Biden’s campaign might repeat the errors of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign by misjudging the candidate’s position in the race and overlooking critical data.

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