Biden’s White House Hiding From Republicans

Photo by Ana Lanza on Unsplash

On Thursday leading House Republicans noted that there had been a change in the White House messaging regarding President Biden’s connections to his son Hunter Biden’s foreign business activities. They are now requesting information on what caused the change and if the President actually had more information about these business dealings than he had originally claimed.

In a letter co-written by Elise Stefanik, the chair of the House Republican Conference, James Comer the Oversight Committee Chairman, Jim Jordan, the Judiciary Committee Chairman, and Jason Smith the Ways and Means Committee Chairman, which was sent to White House Counsel Stuart Delery, they asked for further clarifications on what had caused this change in the messaging.

As they pointed out, previously both White House spokespersons and President Biden himself had claimed that the President did not know anything about his son’s business activities. However, in the statement from June 29, White House Counsel’s Office Ian Sams stated that President Biden “was not in business” with Hunter Biden.

This marks a shift from the previous statements that Joe Biden had never discussed business with his son, and brings forward additional concerns about President Biden potentially being aware of what his son’s foreign business deals were.

This change in the messaging also resulted in the GOP lawmakers asking if this was an admission that President Biden had known about or was in any way involved with Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. There are also questions being asked about whether President Biden was  “aware of” any of the business dealings that Hunter Biden was involved in and whether he had received any financial compensation for his involvement.