Biggest Trump Hater Enters 2024 Race

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Liz Cheney, once a Republican congresswoman from Wyoming, indicated on a recent CNN “State of the Union” interview with Jake Tapper that she hasn’t entirely dismissed the idea of running for President. While dodging an explicit answer about her potential 2024 candidacy, she emphasized her near-term focus: supporting the election of “serious” and “sane” individuals to Congress.

Pressed on whether she would consider a presidential run, Cheney simply replied, “No, I’m not ruling it out.” She has been an ardent detractor of Donald Trump, suggesting that he represents an unprecedented danger to the nation. When queried whether she’d back President Biden over Trump despite policy disagreements, Cheney left it ambiguous, stating, “We’re going to see what happens.”

Cheney further elaborated that she’s open to supporting candidates from both sides of the aisle, especially in light of the growing concerns around electoral integrity. She highlighted the imperative to elect individuals committed to upholding the Constitution to avert potential crises like throwing an election’s decision into the hands of the House of Representatives, a situation where she fears Trump could succeed.

Formerly serving as the vice chairwoman of the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, Cheney didn’t mince words when condemning Trump’s role in instigating the violence. She was among the Republican Party’s most vocal critics of the former President, leading to her loss in the 2022 Wyoming primaries against a Trump-endorsed opponent, Harriet Hageman.

Since exiting Congress, Cheney has maintained her censure of Trump and extended her criticism to other Republican figures. She particularly called out Kevin McCarthy, the former House Speaker, accusing him of contributing to the disarray in the House due to his own ousting. In another interview, she laid the blame squarely on Trump and his fervent supporters for ongoing threats against Republican lawmakers who opposed former Speaker-designate Jim Jordan, describing it as a driving force behind the troubling rise in political violence.

Overall, Cheney’s evolving political stance reveals her as a divisive yet critical figure in modern American politics, especially as the country grapples with challenges to its democratic institutions.