Bill Maher: Stormy Is a Liar (Video)

(Patriot.Buzz) – Proving her allegations are just a bag of lies, liberal comedian Bill Maher recently revisited his 2018 interview with Stormy Daniels amid her ongoing testimony in former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial in Manhattan.

Watch the video below.

During the latest episode of his show “Real Time,” Maher highlighted the inconsistencies in Daniels’ past and current statements, which cast doubts on her reliability as a witness.

In the original interview, Daniels had clearly stated that her encounter with Trump in July 2006 was consensual and emphasized that it did not fall under the MeToo movement’s scope.

“It’s not a MeToo case,” she had told Maher directly, explaining, “I wasn’t assaulted. I wasn’t attacked, or raped, or coerced or blackmailed.”

She also said she was reluctant to be labeled as part of the movement simply to serve others’ agendas by affirming, “I’m not a victim in that regard.”

However, Maher pointed out that Daniels’ recent testimony presented a different narrative.

She described herself feeling overpowered by Trump, saying he “was bigger and blocking the way.”

She shared that she was extremely nervous, with “my hands were shaking so hard” and even claimed to have “blacked out” during the encounter.

Maher criticized her updated account by noting the shift toward language commonly used in MeToo discussions.

“She’s talking about ‘he was bigger and blocking the way.’ It’s all the MeToo buzzwords. She said, ‘There was an imbalance of power for sure.’ ‘My hands were shaking so hard.’ She said she blacked out. Blacked out? She’s a porn star!” Maher stated.

He challenged her blackout claim’s credibility given her profession and openly doubted her fear’s authenticity.

Additionally, Maher discussed Daniels’ relationship with her former lawyer Michael Avenatti, who is currently imprisoned.

Avenatti had accused Daniels of dishonesty and claimed she had attempted to extort Trump in October 2016.

This specific trial centers around a 34-count indictment accusing Trump of falsifying business records to hide payments made to Daniels and others to allegedly suppress negative stories during the 2016 election campaign.

Trump has strongly denied all allegations and has pleaded not guilty to these and all other charges against him.

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