BOMBSHELL: 320,000 Illegals Secretly Flown Into US by Biden/Harris

(Patriot.Buzz) – In a bombshell turn of events revealing the extent of the plan to give America away to aliens, the Biden/Harris administration has admitted to facilitating clandestine flights to transport migrants into the United States.

Additionally the administration’s legal representatives argued that disclosing these aliens’ destinations could compromise national security.

This acknowledgment comes amid revelations that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) carried out covert operations to fly thousands of undocumented immigrants from international gateways directly to several American locations.

This operation runs parallel to an influx of migrants crossing the southern border and suggests a dual approach to immigration under Biden’s leadership. The strategy involves the use of a mobile app to enable the discreet yet illegal entry of approximately 320,000 individuals into the country.

This initiative is part of a broader controversy surrounding the 2022 program that saw the administration use taxpayer funds to distribute migrants across the nation via nocturnal flights.

An investigation into the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit spearheaded by Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) unveiled the Biden administration’s authorization of these obscure flights, which landed migrants from abroad at over 43 different American airports throughout 2023.

This strategy stemmed from an expansion of the CBP One app that enables migrants to seek asylum remotely from their countries of origin. However this app’s lesser-known function allowed for the direct transportation of migrants to the U.S. and offered them a temporary haven without formal legal status.

Initially the administration refused to disclose the involved airports by citing “law enforcement exceptions.” Yet further insights from the CIS lawsuit suggest the real concern lies in potential threats to public safety and operational integrity.

Critics from the Republican party challenge the administration’s stance on border security and urge for tightened measures at the U.S.-Mexico boundary. The CIS has criticized these covert flights as legally questionable and said the reluctance to reveal operational details speaks volumes about the program’s controversial nature.

The origins of these flights remain obscure, with eligibility for the CBP One application extending to nationals from a range of Latin American countries, including Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela and several others.

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