BREAKING: 22 Dead, Over 50 Injured In Mass Shooting

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

A tragic event unfolded in Lewiston, Maine, involving a mass shooting across two separate venues. While the police have yet to officially confirm the numbers, an anonymous law enforcement source suggests that at least 22 individuals have lost their lives, and 30 others are injured. The local authorities are treating the situation as highly dynamic.

The individual named as a person of interest in this grim incident is Robert R. Card, a resident of Maine who works as a firearms instructor. The police have deemed him “armed and dangerous” and have urged the public to be vigilant. Card is also known to be an Army Reserve member and has been flagged for recent mental health concerns, including threats against a National Guard base.

In the wake of the tragedy, local hospitals are on high alert, treating this as a “mass casualty, mass shooter event.” With details still emerging, the medical facilities are yet to disclose specific numbers on the casualties.

Residents in the affected areas have been strongly advised to stay indoors and keep their doors locked. Both President Joe Biden and Maine Governor Janet Mills have been briefed on the ongoing crisis and are in contact with law enforcement agencies. Meanwhile, the FBI’s Boston Division is offering tactical and investigative support to local and state police.

Due to the grim situation, schools in Lewiston will remain closed, as announced by the Lewiston Public School Superintendent. The educational authority has also called on the school community to be cautious and stay close to their families.

It’s a fluid and tragic situation that has mobilized federal, state, and local resources. Everyone is urged to stay vigilant and follow the directives of law enforcement agencies.