BREAKING: Terrorists Issue Warning

(Patriot.Buzz) – In a move seeking to exert terrorist dominance over the Middle East, the Houthi group in Yemen, backed by Iran, has issued a stark threat against operations in the Red Sea, a critical global trade route.

This announcement followed U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s formation of a coalition to counter Houthi piracy in the region. Companies have been altering their shipping routes and operations to avoid potential Houthi attacks in response to the heightened risk. Major firms like BP and Evergreen, the latter known for its Suez Canal incident in 2021, are redirecting their ships to avoid the area.

The threat arises amidst a backdrop of brutal violence initiated by Hamas. This Sunni jihadist terror group carried out heinous attacks in Israel on October 7, leading to mass deaths and abductions.

The Houthis are engaged in a prolonged civil war in Yemen. They also declared war on Israel in retaliation for Israel’s defensive measures against Hamas, vowing to target Israeli or Israel-bound ships indefinitely.

Additionally, the Houthis’ strategic location at the Bab al-Mandab Strait gives them significant leverage to disrupt global trade, a concern heightened by the fact that approximately 12% of international commerce passes through the Red Sea.

The Houthis, who have removed humanitarian aid from civilians and recruited children for terrorist activities, have been encouraged by Joe Biden’s 2021 decision to delist them from America’s Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

Their slogan openly calls for the destruction of the United States and Israel. Major General Mohammad al-Atifi of the Houthis threatened severe actions against U.S.-led coalition forces in the Red Sea, claiming readiness to destroy American warships and other military assets.

Israel, on its part, has asserted the urgency of its operations in Gaza to prevent further attacks by Hamas. Meanwhile, the Houthis have accused Israel of crimes against civilians in Gaza, a claim countered by Israel since Hamas relies on using civilians as human shields.

In response to regional tensions, the U.S. has rallied a significant coalition, including various European and Middle Eastern countries, to safeguard maritime activities. This task force aims to ensure the uninterrupted flow of global shipping amidst these escalating threats.