BREAKING: Two Jets Collide

(Patriot.Buzz) – In a dramatic turn of events disrupting activity at a large airport, two JetBlue airplanes clashed on the ground instead of taking to the skies.

The incident took place at Boston’s Logan International Airport where the tango between the planes threw a wrench into the travel plans of those aboard headed to destinations like Las Vegas and Orlando.

The aircraft clashed on the deicing pad, which is where planes get prepped to fly safely in cold weather. Specifically, the left winglet of Flight 777 bumped with the right horizontal stabilizer of Flight 551.

Despite the dramatic start to their day passengers and crew came out unscathed. Passenger Dave Souter shared his experience with Boston 25 News and highlighted the disruption to his Super Bowl-related work plans in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile Casey Cunningham took to social media to commend the JetBlue crew for remaining calm and helpful amid the chaos to ensure everyone was kept informed, and for swiftly arranging alternative travel plans for those going to Orlando.

In the aftermath of the clash JetBlue promptly pulled both aircraft from service for necessary repairs. The airline stated that safety remains its top priority and pledged to investigate the cause behind the collision to prevent future incidents.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also stepped in and announced its own investigation to uncover the details of the early morning encounter between the two planes.

Although Massachusetts Port Authority Jennifer Mehigan described the collision as “very minor” it still caused both flights to be canceled and forced passengers to be rebooked onto other flights.

Despite the inconvenience and the visible damage to the aircraft the airline’s swift response to ensure everyone’s safety and rearrange travel plans was a focal point for passengers and observers alike.

However not everyone took the incident lightly. A disgruntled passenger vented their frustration on X and sharply criticized JetBlue for the mishap. Their scathing comment highlighted their disappointment with the airline and marked another point in what they perceive as JetBlue’s declining service quality.