Cheney To Be Re-Elected?

Milonica, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Tuesday (August 16), Rep. Liz Cheney will be facing her Trump-Backed primary opponent for Wyoming’s only seat in the House.

Cheney, who is facing Harriet Hageman (R), seems unfazed by the match-up, despite polls showing the odds are in her opponent’s favor.

The Wyoming Congressman has become former President Donald Trump’s most vocal GOP critic, voting for his impeachment and then becoming the Vice Chair of the House Committee investigating Trump’s involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Cheney’s blatant disdain for Trump has put a target on her back, with the former President vowing to replace her with his ally Hagerman in the primaries. It appears Trump will have his way as Hageman leads Cheney by a wide margin in polling.

Yet, Cheney’s made it clear she isn’t going down without a fight, despite her Republican strategists acknowledging that she faces an uphill battle that’s only been exacerbated by her views and political approach.

Scott Jennings, a GOP strategist and the former special assistant to former President George W. Bush, noted that it was “debatable whether [Cheney] should have gone out and blown herself up this way because it’s obviously going to cost her her seat and her platform, but she chose a different path.”

In May 2021, more than a year after Trump had vacated the Oval Office, Cheney vowed to do “everything I can to ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office.”

She has remained adamant in that pursuit, even going as far as appealing to Wyoming’s Democratic voters to ensure she wins the primaries.