CNN Demands GOP Stop Talking About THIS

Photo by Dusty Barnes on Unsplash

Liberals are upset!

Following the shooting which happened at the hands of outspoken liberal actor Alec Baldwin, which left one dead and another severally injured, liberals including those on CNN, are now demanding conservatives STOP talking about it and have some basic human decency.

According to Breitbart, during a conversation about the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, which happened at the hands of Baldwin, CNN’s Jake Tapper attacked conservatives. Tapper claimed that politics were pushing people away from basic human decency. He then targeted Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and scolded her for sharing a tweet by Baldwin from 2014 where he talked about the “hands up, don’t shoot, movement.”

Tapper slammed Boebert for criticizing Baldwin and said it was not funny to exploit a movement like that at the expense of Baldwin’s tragedy and then said it was likely a very sad moment for Halyna Hutchins’ family.