College Degree Requirements Dropped

(Patriot.Buzz) – In a groundbreaking move opening up opportunities for hardworking American citizens, Philadelphia signed an executive order that gets rid of the need for college degrees for many city jobs.

Mayor Cherelle Parker’s decision is part of a larger plan to address the city’s growing challenges. She stated requiring a college degree is unnecessary for many roles within the City of Philadelphia.

This step is seen as a way to open up more job opportunities to a wider range of applicants. It is highlighted as a key part of Philadelphia’s efforts to increase economic opportunities in the city.

The idea behind this change is not entirely new. The city had already begun to relax college degree requirements for some positions, but this initiative is expected to grow even more with the executive order. Additionally, by promoting these opportunities more effectively, the city aims to make it easier for job seekers to find positions that don’t require a college degree.

The move happened right after the new mayor stepped into office, showing a commitment to making these changes quickly. This action aligns Philadelphia with a broader trend across the United States, where both state and local governments are dropping college degree requirements for many jobs. For instance, Pennsylvania also removed the requirement for a bachelor’s degree for 92% of state jobs.

This trend goes beyond government jobs, as many private companies are also reconsidering their hiring requirements. For example, Higher Ed Dive mentioned that Walmart announced it would no longer require degrees for certain corporate positions.

A survey from found that 55% of employers have dropped degree requirements for entry-level and mid-level jobs, showing a significant shift in how qualifications are viewed in the job market.

By eliminating college degree requirements, Philadelphia aims to make the city’s workforce more inclusive and accessible. This approach reflects a growing recognition that skills and experience are just as valuable as formal education, and it opens the door for more individuals to contribute to the city’s growth and development.