Conservative Leaders Call For Impeachment Proceedings

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

Prominent conservative figures are pressing House Republicans to initiate an impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden. This request is based on a memo from the Conservative Action Project that highlights thirteen reasons for the suggested impeachment, with a prominent concern being Biden’s alleged involvement in his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings and attempts to suppress related reports before the 2020 elections.

The memo draws on insights from several House Committees, asserting that these committees have unmistakably demonstrated that President Biden has partaken in illicit activities for a significant time. Furthermore, the memo claims Biden has been dishonest regarding his and his son’s activities, suppressing the freedom of speech of the populace, especially those who voice dissenting views.

There’s a growing belief among these conservatives that Biden has committed serious offenses, which they argue necessitates a formal impeachment inquiry. If the House does proceed with the impeachment and approves it, it would then move to the Senate for consideration.

Endorsements for this motion come from many influential conservatives such as J. Kenneth Blackwell, the CAP Chairman, Edwin Meese III, former U.S. Attorney General, Jenny Beth Martin, David Bossie, Tony Perkins, Russ Vought, Morton Blackwell, Cleta Mitchell, and Elaine Donnelly, among others.

Blackwell, reflecting on his time as a U.S. ambassador, pointed to the inconsistency between Biden’s long government service and his lavish lifestyle, hinting at potential financial improprieties.

The memo urges House Republicans to remain vigilant, suggesting that while President Biden and his family allegedly get away with crimes, there’s a potential witch hunt against former President Trump and his supporters.

House Republicans are being called upon to shield the nation from the purported harmful actions of Biden and his associates. The memo warns that if left unchecked, the administration might steer the country away from its democratic roots.

When asked about the possibility of an impeachment inquiry, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan indicated that all options are on the table, but emphasized the importance of gathering all necessary information and adhering to the Constitution. The two stated that the primary focus is to collect all pertinent facts and documents before making any decisions.