Crooked Judge Laughs In Trump’s Face

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

A New York judge overseeing the civil fraud trial of ex-President Donald Trump faced criticism on social media when he was seen smiling and removing his glasses in the presence of courtroom cameras.

Numerous conservative figures voiced their disapproval on X, a platform once known as Twitter, when the footage of New York City Judge Arthur Engoron went live.

Mike Davis, founder and president of the Article III Project, commented on X, labeling the judge a “biased Democrat.” Other remarks included concerns about democracy and the integrity of the legal system, with comments from individuals like Greg Price and Trump adviser Stephen Miller.

Representative Andrew Clyde (R-Ga.) described the proceedings as a “kangaroo court” and others echoed sentiments suggesting that the trial was just for show.

The New York State Office of Court Administration chose not to provide a statement when reached by Fox News Digital.

Meanwhile, Trump didn’t hold back his feelings. Prior to entering the courtroom and during a midday break, he addressed the media. He criticized Judge Engoron, dubbing him a “Democrat operative” and accusing the court of being biased against him. He further took a swipe at Attorney General Letitia James, describing her as an extreme-left figure.

Asserting that a significant portion of the case had already been resolved in his favor at the appellate level, Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with the judge’s handling of the proceedings. He even went on to suggest that the judge might be criminally liable for his actions and interference in electoral matters.

Previously, Trump’s legal team highlighted James’ campaign promise to hold Trump accountable. As she entered the courthouse, James maintained her stance, emphasizing that the law applies to everyone, while accusing Trump of business misconduct.