Dark Truth Revealed About Kamala Harris

Is Kamala completely unfit?

According to an opinion piece published in the New York Post, Kamala Harris’ incompetence has become detrimental to the country. The piece details the author’s previous warning – made to voters during the 2020 election – that Harris was not fit to be the deputy president of the country. The opinion piece follows months of dismal performance by the Vice President.

Presently her performance has some blatant fissures, giving the opinion piece merit. The Vice President has not had any meaningful positive press in months and has been silent on matters the country needed her. For instance, the withdrawal from Afghanistan or the handling of the pandemic are events where the Vice President could display her competence.

However, after months of what can only be termed as a “hiatus” from the media, the only positive press Harris has garnered details her use – or lack thereof – of AirPods. This underscores how the VP has spent her first few months in office crippled by ineptitude.

While her use of technology grabbed the headlines, discontent has been brewing among the Vice President’s staff. In the last month, two high profile staffers have quit. First was Ashley Etienne, who served as Harris’ communication director. She was followed by Symone Sanders, Harris’ adviser and spokesperson. According to some sources, more resignations will follow as staffers describe the workplace as toxic.

All this news follows her declining approval ratings, which many believe started when President Biden asked her to lead the administration’s response to issues at the Southern Border back in March.

Since then, the Vice President has made little progress on the issue, and many critics are taking note. It’s not only Conservative media that has been criticizing Harris but many liberal news outlets, including CNN.

The message is clear. If Harris cannot make significant progress as Vice President, it will not only be her approval ratings that take a beating but potentially the country’s immigration policies.