Democrat Flips The Script On Republicans

Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

You won’t believe what he is claiming.

Democrat Senator Tim Kaine recently sat down with MSNBC and attempted to shift the blame on Republicans after they refused to help Democrats raise the debt ceiling and claimed it was the GOP who ran up the bills when former President Donald Trump was in office and never paid it back.

According to Breitbart, Kaine claimed considering letting the United States default was completely unconstitutional and added that America’s debt management system was foolish.

Kaine then flipped the script on Republicans and attempted to point the finger at them by saying, “The Republicans ran up the credit card when Donald Trump was president. But for the Republicans to do that and now say, we’re not going to pay the bill, look, we all have the friend who, when we go out to dinner, will never grab for the check, and that’s what the Republicans are doing.”

Kaine then demanded that Republicans own up to their responsibilities and pay up for their excessive spending. Currently, the Democrats are trying to push through President Biden’s two massive spending bills which would put America in ever more debt.