Democrat TURNS From CNN

Ken Lund, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Here’s what happened.

During a recent interview on the network, Senator Kyrsten Sinema stated that she will not take any specific questions from the interviewer. She stated that she will not take questions from the network but will gladly take them with another news source. It turns out that a few Democrats are turning their backs on the network.

Sinema was asked about the recent Build Back Better bill that will be voted on in the senate. The interviewer asked if she approved of the bill to which Sinema replied that there are a lot of sides to look at in the bill to get a clear picture of what will happen when it is made into law. The interviewer pressed the senator to give a more definitive answer on the topic.

Sinema did not like the tone of the interviewer or the fact that she was pressed to answer the question so she replied with “I’m not going to do that with you.” She added that it is not okay to negotiate with the press on whether a bill will pass through the senate or not. Sinema continued stating that Senators cannot spend too much time on what people are saying publicly and stated that they need to be focused on finding solutions to many problems that America is facing. She added that she is concerned for her state of Arizona and that is where her main focus is.

CNN is in a tough spot with many Democrats and Americans begging to despise their tactics to which they acquire their information. Government officials have stated that they do not like being pressed to say information by the network.