Democrats Ban What?!


The Governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham, has announced a temporary ban on firearms in Albuquerque, citing high violent crime rates in the city. This directive prohibits both open and concealed carry of weapons in public spaces, which includes government buildings. The regulation will remain in effect for 30 days unless extended.

This decision comes in the wake of multiple shootings in Albuquerque, including incidents where an 11-year-old boy lost his life at a baseball game and attacks targeting Muslim men.

Lujan Grisham, addressing the situation, stated, “The usual methods are no longer adequate. When the safety of New Mexicans is at stake, urgent actions are needed.”

However, this move has been met with backlash from both law enforcement and political figures. The Albuquerque Police and the county sheriff have voiced their unwillingness to enforce the ban. Sheriff John Allen, while acknowledging the issue’s severity, expressed concerns about the ban infringing on the Second Amendment rights.

He commented, “Though the situation is grave, we must respect the foundation of our constitution. Asking my deputies to enforce this could pose legal challenges and puts them at risk.”

A pro-Second Amendment organization has initiated a legal challenge against this decision, referencing a prior Supreme Court ruling against a similar measure in New York.

Political figures from both sides have criticized Lujan Grisham’s directive. Even Rep. Ted Lieu, a strong advocate for gun control, voiced his disagreement, saying that the order is unconstitutional. Meanwhile, several Republican leaders, including presidential hopefuls, have condemned the order, some suggesting she should focus more on state border issues.

Despite the criticism, Grisham remains steadfast, asserting her jurisdiction over state firearm laws. She responded, “I welcome discussions on ensuring the safety of our residents.”