Democrats Erupt In Anger Over Trump’s New Ad

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Only hours after the Department of Justice announced that additional charges would be filed against former President Donald Trump, his campaign released a new campaign ad for 2024. The ad was shared on Truth Social and it includes details on what the Republicans have pointed out are the double standards in the way that the investigation against Trump or Biden’s family had been handled.

In the ad, it is noted that  President Biden was acting as if he is a “third-World Dictator” who is using his government bureaucrats against those whom he considers to be threatening to him. He added that this was one of the biggest “witch hunts” in the world’s history, pointing out that Biden was underestimating U.S. voters and their strength to meet and organize their fight against those on top better.

The narrator of the ad continues to speak as the ad starts including images taken from a new Harvard- Harris survey which found that former President Donald Trump was leading in a face to face against President Biden by 5 percentage points. This is the continuation of an NBC News article from last month which found that Trump’s position as the frontrunner of the 2024 Republicans race continues to solidify, adding that following Trump’s second indictment his position in the primary field improved.

This latest ad was released after special counsel Jack Smith announced that the indictment filed against Trump by the Department of Justice was going to include three additional charges all connected to Trump and his attempts to have staffers in his Mar-a-Lago home obstruct the federal investigation. According to the latest information in this case, Trump had requested from Mar-a-Lago staffers to completely delete all incriminating security footage related to the allegedly mishandled documents.