Democrat’s INSANE Plan To Fix Inflation

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

How could he possibly believe the solution is this simple.

Just when we thought the Democratic Party couldn’t get anymore ridiculous, Democrat Rep. Troy Carter outrageously claimed that the only way to  “erase” inflation and invigorate the economy was to simply start printing more money!

According to Breitbart, during Rep. Carter’s interview with Fox Business, Carter dismissed any ideas that President Biden’s Build Back Better and infrastructure plan would contribute to inflation. He the claimed there were “several Nobel Peace Prize economists” who disagree with the idea that Biden’s plan will hurt the economy. He then said when people make more money they will simply begin to spend more. “When you make money, it doesn’t just go into a black hole in your backyard. It goes into the stores, it goes into school, it goes into homes and cars and providing better lives for our children,” Carter said.

Fox’s Neil Cavuto then asked Carter to explain why people still can’t afford things in America even though their wages have gone up.

Carter replied and told struggling Americans to get on the phone and start calling their members of Congress and their local Senators.

Cavuto then asked if that was the solution to inflation, Carter responded that it wasn’t and that the only to cut inflation was to “pump” more money into the economy.