Democrats PANIC Over New Data

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Democrats better prepare for 2022.

A new poll from Harvard/Harris has shocked Democrats because the data has revealed a majority of Americans now favor former President Donald Trump’s handling of key issues over President Biden.

According to Newsmax, the poll, which was taken towards the end of October, found most Americans no longer approve of Biden’s performance in “any given area.”

Furthermore, those who were polled gave President Biden a mere 40% approval for his handling of the economy. They also gave him 44% when it came to Biden’s ability of stimulating jobs. 39% on Biden’s ability to fight terrorism, 35% on Biden’s handling immigration, 39% on foreign affairs, 42% on administering the government, 38% when it came to Biden ability to precent crime in violence in the U.S., and 33% on his tremendously bad evacuation of Afghanistan.

However, former President Trump received 50% of greater on all of the same issues except administering the government where he received a 49%.

What comes really interesting to many Republicans is Biden out performed Trump in only one area. Biden scored 50% to Trump’s 47% when it came to handling of the coronavirus pandemic.