Dems And Media Dump Biden

The White House, CC BY 3.0 US , via Wikimedia Commons

They don’t want to be associated with Biden anymore.

Several prominent Democrats and their allies are stirring away from President Biden. The liberal media which used to dote on Biden during his campaign and the first year of his presidency are now moving away from the narrative of him doing his job properly. While many organizations continue to download his errors, and scandals and often note his accomplishments positively, the largely decreasing poll rates have led to many panicking as the midterm elections are approaching.

Jeffrey McCall, DePauw University journalism professor, noted that this decision to “move on from Biden” is largely practical and has nothing to do with any opposition to his policies or management.

“The establishment media ran for a long time with the narrative that Biden was the stable and seasoned president the nation needed. That narrative broke down long ago in the minds of many Americans, including left-of-center people who voted for Biden,” McCall said in an interview with Fox News Digital.

“The nation’s economic and international problems have been looming for some time and American citizens have known that. The media was late to the party and is just now figuring out that the narrative they’ve been pushing looks pretty hollow to regular Americans who perceive the frail President is not up to the challenges the nation faces,” McCall added. “The liberal media is now having to face the reality of a struggling Biden presidency, not because they think he is ineffective on policy matters, but only because they fear potential bad results in the midterm elections.”

NBC News’ Chuck Todd also led a panel where he showed that the younger crowds are largely moving away from Biden, with only a 35% approval of the current state of the economy.

“It’s not great,” PBS’ Amna Nawaz stated. “You’re talking about one of the key groups that not only help Democrats win back control of Congress, propel Biden into the White House, but are also going to be in play in larger numbers than ever before in the upcoming midterms and the economy if front and center.”

Many fear losses in the Midterm elections which is why they are swiftly moving away from Biden, in order to garner and maintain support.