Dems Pushing Biden To Do THIS?!

(Patriot.Buzz) – Seeing themselves increasingly losing ground against the Republican Party in key battleground states with the general election on the horizon, Democratic legislators are urging the Biden administration to rush the implementation of widespread regulations across various sectors.

According to Punchbowl News, Joe Biden’s team has been actively pushing for leftwing policies such as boosting electric vehicle production, canceling student debt, limiting hidden service fees and prohibiting non-compete agreements, among others.

The Democrats’ urgency stems from concerns that a highly likely victory for former President Donald Trump might undo these regulatory efforts.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a prominent liberal voice within the Democratic Party, emphasized that speeding up the conversations with agency leaders was of utmost importance.

“Time, time, time is how I describe this to every head of every agency I speak with,” Warren told Punchbowl News. “We need to have this done and done quickly. If we didn’t learn that lesson back in 2016, then shame on us.”

The regulatory process’s inner workings allow new administrations to roll back their predecessors’ decisions through the Administrative Procedures Act or for Congress to reverse recently finalized rules via the Congressional Review Act (CRA).

The CRA provides a mechanism for Congress to quickly overturn executive agency regulations within 60 legislative days of their publication bypassing a potential Senate filibuster.

Despite this legislative tool, any resolution passed under the CRA still requires presidential approval, which makes up all of President Biden’s veto actions during his tenure.

The precedent was set in 2017 when the GOP-controlled 115th Congress and President Trump repealed several regulations enacted during the Obama era.

The Biden administration is in the middle of finalizing several significant regulations that hugely affect American life: background checks for firearms bought at gun shows or online, expanded mental health coverage in insurance plans, stricter emissions standards for commercial vehicles and higher leasing costs for oil and gas drilling on public lands.

The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), responsible for vetting regulations from non-independent executive branches before their finalization, has not commented on these rushed regulatory efforts yet.

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