DeSantis Blames Trump For Jan 6th?

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Responding to the recent development that ex-President Trump has become the focus of a Justice Department investigation pertaining to the events of January 6, Republican presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis expressed his belief that while Trump could have been more assertive that day, he might not have violated any laws.

“He was in the Oval Office, not actively intervening as the events unfolded. He could have demonstrated stronger leadership,” DeSantis conveyed during a media briefing in Columbia, South Carolina, on Tuesday.

DeSantis admitted that he hadn’t had the opportunity to study the issue in depth but voiced his disapproval of what he perceives as the misuse of bodies like the Justice Department.

“However, equating his non-intervention with criminal behavior is a separate matter,” DeSantis said referring to Trump’s lack of action on January 6. “We should strive to avoid a scenario where one political faction is persistently seeking to incarcerate the other, and sadly, that appears to be the current state of affairs.”

On Tuesday, Trump announced that he has been notified of being a subject in the Justice Department’s January 6 investigation, revolving around his efforts to retain power after the 2020 presidential election.

Though it has been evident that Trump’s actions would be under intense scrutiny in the investigation, the ex-president emphasized that the receipt of a target letter could imply impending charges.

“Joe Biden’s DOJ prosecutor, the unhinged Jack Smith, mailed a letter (again on a Sunday evening!) declaring that I am a SUBJECT of the January 6th Grand Jury investigation, and granting me a minimal 4-day deadline to appear before the Grand Jury, which usually signifies an arrest and indictment,” Trump stated.

This year, the former president has been charged with a crime on two occasions. He faced charges in Manhattan in April for an alleged covert payment plan to conceal an extramarital affair. In June, he pleaded not guilty to federal charges regarding his management of classified documents after his term ended.

Despite his legal battles, Trump continues to lead the GOP presidential primary race in the polls and generate considerable fundraising revenues. Meanwhile, DeSantis remains in second place behind Trump.

The Governor of Florida has tread lightly with regards to criticizing Trump, especially concerning his legal difficulties. In the past month, DeSantis sidestepped a query about Trump’s involvement in the January 6 Capitol incident.

“I wasn’t in Washington that day. I am not connected to the events of that day,” he responded when queried about the assault during a campaign function in New Hampshire.

“Of course, I didn’t like what I saw that day. But we must keep moving forward. We cannot afford to get stuck in the past.”

Ex-Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, another candidate in the packed GOP primary race, lambasted DeSantis for his remarks.

“He wasn’t in Washington. Did he own a television? Was he conscious that day? Did he witness the happenings? That’s one of the most absurd responses I’ve heard in this race thus far,” Christie told CNN.