DeSantis Supporters ‘Very Disappointed’

Ron DeSantis

(Patriot.Buzz) – Despite finishing a distant second to former President Donald Trump in the Iowa caucuses and trailing behind in crucial battleground states’ polls, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has expressed his commitment to staying in the presidential race.

DeSantis made this announcement during his election night party, assuring his supporters that he is determined to fulfill the responsibilities of the presidency without making excuses.

However, the mood at DeSantis’s election night gathering was initially somber, with many of his supporters expressing frustration over Trump’s overwhelming victory and the early call of the race. Trump secured over 50% of the vote, while DeSantis trailed by more than 30 points, and Nikki Haley closely followed in third place.

In an interview, Alice Rekeweg, a DeSantis supporter from Houston, Texas, said she was “very disappointed” with the results, emphasizing her admiration for the Florida governor. She expressed surprise at Iowa’s overwhelming support for the former president, given his limited time campaigning in the state.

Rekeweg criticized Trump’s behavior over the years, describing it as polarizing and mentioning instances like walking in front of the queen and unfulfilled promises, such as completing the U.S.-Mexico border wall. She emphasized the desire for a president that the country can be proud of.

Gene Church, another DeSantis supporter who traveled to Iowa from Pensacola, Florida, warned against nominating Trump again, citing the importance of the 2024 election.

He expressed concerns about Trump’s legal troubles, referring to the 91 charges he faces across four criminal indictments. Church predicted that Trump’s conviction, regardless of its outcome on appeal, would be exploited by Democrats and impact down-ballot races.

Despite the disappointment in Iowa, DeSantis’s camp remains optimistic about his performance. Ken Cuccinelli, founder of the pro-DeSantis super PAC Never Back Down, pointed out that DeSantis exceeded public expectations and mentioned a recent poll where Nikki Haley narrowly surpassed DeSantis in the final stretch.

Some DeSantis supporters in the crowd were divided on whether the Florida governor should continue in the race. Des Moines resident Gary Updegraff, who voted for DeSantis, believed that Trump’s victory in Iowa was a foregone conclusion due to polling.

He suggested that if DeSantis doesn’t perform well in New Hampshire’s open primary, the party should unite and focus on securing the election through resource allocation to get the vote out.