Disgraced Lib Mayor Teaching WHAT?

(Patriot.Buzz) – Confirming universities have become unashamed liberal hubs in disguise, disgraced former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is set to join the University of Michigan’s faculty this fall.

According to a recent university announcement, her role will focus on inspiring and preparing students “for careers in public service.”

Lightfoot, a Democrat and the first Chicago mayor in 40 years not to win reelection, will teach at the Ford School of Public Policy.

Her tenure in Chicago from 2019 to 2023 was marked by significant challenges, including her highly criticized approach to COVID-19 and her baffling decision to ban white journalists from getting exclusive interviews.

At Michigan, she will collaborate with Professor Jeffrey Morenoff to lead a course on strategic public policy consulting.

This course aims to connect graduate students with non-profit organizations in Chicago and Michigan to allegedly help them address real-world service delivery challenges within their communities.

Additionally, Lightfoot is launching her own non-profit to enhance neighborhood vitality and support local organizations in strengthening their operational foundations.

Lightfoot expressed:

“To make this vision a reality, however, we need a large cadre of consultants who share this view about the importance of community-based organizations, and are willing to work at tables set by the community to share their time and talents in furtherance of building capacity and solving problems.”

Her initiative at the University of Michigan will “address community-defined needs, build capacity in the organizations who are our clients and reinforce the importance of policy intersecting with practice.”

Previously, Lightfoot also taught at Harvard University’s Chan School of Public Health.

Her mayoral tenure was initially noted for her being the first black female and openly gay mayor of Chicago.

She faced criticism for her handling of the pandemic and public safety, including “getting a haircut at the height of pandemic lockdowns after telling citizens to remain home.”

She was also at the center of controversy “for placing police officers who declined to receive a COVID-19 vaccine on leave without pay.” The dispute was eventually overturned by a judge.

As a parting gift after failing to get reelected, Chicago saw violent crime skyrocket under her administration.

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