Donald Trump Releases Rap Song

Photo by Marcela Laskoski on Unsplash

A recent indictment concerning Donald Trump’s alleged involvement in election interference has led to a unique musical response: a rap track that uses Trump’s voice to comment on the situation.

The former president was taken into custody last week in Georgia, facing 13 charges. He has staunchly refuted these allegations, referring to them as a “witch hunt” and deeming his arrest a grave miscarriage of justice.

Trump’s arrest photograph rapidly gained traction among his followers, with a plethora of merchandise like tees, mugs, and decals flooding the market.

One of the more unconventional spin-offs is a rap single named “First Day Out,” credited to “Trump The Don.” This track quickly garnered millions of plays on social platforms in mere days. A common misconception on platforms like TikTok is that Trump himself produced the song. However, it seems to have been crafted using artificial intelligence.

Hi-Rez The Rapper, the brain behind the song, identified himself on X (previously known as Twitter) as a staunch advocate for freedom. He recently mentioned the song was crafted humorously in just half an hour. He expressed his amazement at the song’s widespread reception and sales. He emphasized the role of humor, music, and culture in bridging political divides.

Some lyrics from the song are: “Prosecutors behaving irrationally, my arrest pic’s worth billions, did some merch sales and made millions” and “Being labeled prejudiced? But these artists stand by me, they’re my comrades, MAGA, MAGA, MAGA.”

The song has amassed almost 3 million views on X since its release on August 25th, with its presence on TikTok seeing similar traction. The satirical content of the song touches upon various aspects of Trump’s arrest, influential backers, and topical political issues.

Music platforms like iTunes and Spotify have the song available for streaming and purchase. Current data from ranks the song 33rd on the U.S. iTunes Top 200 Songs list.

This isn’t the first track from “Trump The Don” with a presumed A.I.-rendered Trump. Another release pits him against President Joe Biden in a lyrical face-off, where Biden seemingly struggles with his words. This track also features an A.I. version of former President Barack Obama.

The past months have witnessed a surge in the popularity of pro-conservative tracks. A notable example is Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North of Richmond,” which achieved a top spot on iTunes.

Earlier this year, Trump’s orations were incorporated into the track “Justice for All” by the J6 Prison Choir. This song climbed its way to the top of the iTunes singles chart, surpassing renowned artists such as Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna.