EXPOSED – Border Crisis WORSE Than We Thought

(Patriot.Buzz) – Even though Americans were already terrified due to the alarming number of illegals entering the country, it has been revealed that the crisis at the southern border is actually worse than what was thought.

According to a newly released report, around 42,000 illegals have crossed the border from Mexico since Joe Biden’s new border control measures were introduced.

Although the Biden administration claimed that these measures would reduce the influx, Border Patrol sources suggest little change and noted that many illegals continue to be released in the U.S. with court dates that they may not even attend.

“Thousands are still released by the day,” said an anonymous source. “They get their ICE appointment and they’re gone in the wind. You think they’re going to show up when they know they don’t have a legitimate claim? Of course not.”

The average daily crossings have slightly decreased from 3,900 to about 3,200 since the policy started on June 5.

This new policy limits asylum access when daily crossings exceed 2,500 and will revert only if the number falls below 1,500 for a full week.

These figures have not been seen since the border was closed during the COVID-19 pandemic under former President Donald Trump.

Migrants who are found ineligible for asylum can still claim fear of returning to their home countries, a process verified by an asylum officer.

Those without valid claims are supposed to be quickly deported, but many are being released with a future court date instead since the system is overwhelmed.

Large groups, such as those using specific apps for legal port entry, unaccompanied minors or those facing severe conditions like trafficking, are exempt from these restrictions.

In the San Diego sector, which has become a major entry point, migrants from over 100 countries bypass these new rules and enter the U.S.

Out of the hundreds of thousands of applications, the Biden administration has allowed about 77% of asylum seekers to stay since immigration judges often dismiss their cases.

Migrants failing to appear for hearings often leads to “in absentia” removal orders, with 159,000 such cases in 2023 out of over 231,000 ordered removed.

However, the effectiveness of Biden’s policies during an election year is being questioned as the number of cases per ICE officer is extremely high, which makes tracking and enforcement challenging.

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