Fauci Under Fire For Controversial Statement

NIAID, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Should Fauci have said this.

Several Republicans have now targeted Dr. Anthony Fauci over a very controversial comment he recently made.

According to Newsmax, Dr. Fauci attempted to defend himself after Republicans questioned his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Fauci sparked controversy after he said anyone who was trying to criticize him was “really criticizing science, because I represent science.”

in a layman’s terms Fauci was suggesting that “he was science” and that hasn’t sat well with many people specifically Republicans.

Senator Rand Paul, who has for a long time questioned a lot of Fauci’s decisions, hammered Dr. Fauci following the insane comment and said that it was astounding and terrifying that a public health bureaucrat would even dare to make such an outrageous comment like that publicly.

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton noted that this was a perfect example of how these top level bureaucrats think. Cotton claimed that Dr. Fauci truly believes that “he is science” and people like him think they possess all of the knowledge regarding the topic. “Tony Fauci is nothing more than a Democratic operative,” Cotton added.

Some Republicans on the other hand have defended Fauci even after his strange and controversial comment. Senator Mitt Romney claimed that Fauci was a expert in his field and while he is not perfect he still respects him heavily as scientist.