Fox News CEO Launches Smear Campaign On Carlson

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The Murdochs are using their wholly-owned Australian news channel to offer the clearest explanation.

On Tuesday (April 25), Sky News Australia, owned by Fox’s sister company News Corp, hopped onto the news about the firing of Tucker Carlson, saying he was fired for thinking he was “bigger than Fox News.”

One of Sky News’ most popular anchors, Andrew Bolt, shared a news report claiming that Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch single-handedly decided to fire Carlson.

The Sky News report contradicts some U.S. news sources who claimed Lachlan’s father, Rupert Murdoch, made the decision.

However, Bolt seemed confident in his Tuesday report, saying, “The message is now out.

Referencing Carlson, Bolt sent a message to other newscasters, saying that if an individual was jeopardizing their station or newspaper by being a little crazy, saying all kinds of wild things that you might know are wrong, or didn’t even bother to check, it wouldn’t matter how big they are, they would never be “bigger than the media organization that actually made [them].”

Bolt also noted that Fox News is part of Murdoch’s media empire, which includes Sky News.

Bolt declared that Carlson had been fired, referencing how some outlets reported that News Corp’s “day-to-day boss,” Lachlan Murdoch, fired the Fox News host shortly before Bolt began his show.

The Australian Anchor also suggested Carlson’s departure wouldn’t hurt Fox News, as the network has parted ways with other “giants” in the past, including Glen Beck, Roger Ailes, Megyn Kelly, and Bill O’Reilly. Despite these changes, the network has “only gotten stronger.”