GOP Candidate Wants America Run HOW?

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

GOP presidential contender Vivek Ramaswamy made a commitment on Friday that if he were to secure the election, his approach to governance would mirror Elon Musk’s management of X, formerly recognized as Twitter.

Ramaswamy explained to Fox News, “The actions taken by [Musk] at Twitter serve as a commendable model for my intentions concerning the administrative apparatus. My goal is to eliminate the superfluous 75% of expenses and enhance the core functionality.”

As reported by The Hill, Ramaswamy’s remarks come subsequent to Musk’s endorsement of him as a “highly promising candidate.”

The Republican primary nominee proceeded to elaborate that he would adopt a similar strategy to Musk’s “Twitter Files” by divulging state action records as well.

“[Musk] placed an ‘X’ over Twitter, and similarly, I intend to metaphorically mark a substantial ‘X’ over the administrative state,” he remarked. “Hence, my alignment with Elon in these strategic approaches.”

Following the acquisition of X, Musk implemented various alterations to the social media platform. These encompassed extensive workforce reductions, the removal of senior executives, the distribution of advertising earnings among prominent users, and a reduction in content oversight initiatives.